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Data Analytics Studio 3.0.1 Upload button not visible

New Contributor

I am able to open Data Analytics studio web interface. On click over compose query and database tab i am not able to get any option.

I got blank page. ANy body can help me. I am using virtual box sandbox 3.0.1 version.

AM I need to ON any service or otherwise


Expert Contributor

@satwinder singh
The first thing that comes in mind is - did you meet the prerequisites (i.e. 10 GB dedicated to VM)?

Check out deployment video:

New Contributor

@gdeleon thx for reply

I am having a machine with 8 GB ram.

I dedicated 5 GB out of it. Can you suggest any thing for this in remedy?

But, i dont think this may be the reason because other tools are working very well apart from this only


Expert Contributor

@satwinder singh,
Sorry, 10GB is the minimum requirement.

You may want to try stopping/removing all unnecessary services to reduce memory usage.

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