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Data Analytics is unreachable at port 30800

New Contributor

Hi there!

I did the installation of Haddop Sand box (HDP 3.0.1) in my environment (MacOS Mojave) using Virtual box 6.0.2. The basic services are accessible like web shell at port 4200 and Ambari at port 8080 as well. However, I can't access the Data Analytics Studio at port 30800. I got the message:This site can't be reached, from Google Chrome.

I checked the ports through netstat -na | grep 30800 and it is open from both sides, guest and host machines. I tried access it with firewall disable and the problem persist. I just followed all the basic steps from Hortonworks and used the default configuration in my environment. However, was unsuccessful.

Does anyone here knows or have a feeling what can be done to solve this?


Expert Contributor

@Leonardo Otoni de Assis This is an odd issue. I freshly deployed using environment similar to yours without any issue. The only difference is that I used VirtualBox Version 5.2.18 r124319 (Qt5.6.3).

1. Make sure there are no outstanding Ambari operations running
2. Re-deploy Sandbox
3. Install older version of VirtualBox and re-deploy

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