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Data loss prevention for disabling the Kerberos security on Hbase

New Contributor

Hi there!

We're about to turn on the Kerberos security on the production Hadoop system.

But there's a couple warnings about issues with disabling of such security on the production Hbase.


We would like to have a rollback option for the Hbase production system without Data loss.

In my mind this is an option to enable/disble Kerberos security on the production Hbase system without Data loss.


Is it possible ? If any manuals or how-to's about pitfalls ?

Maybe someone have already faced those issues or solved it ? 


Best regards, Sergio.


Expert Contributor

The link you have provided refers to possible data loss in case of disabling security but it is in "authorization" part of security.

Enabling/disabling Kerberos is in the scope of "authentication". Personally I have done it to enable/disable with no data loss. There is no reason to lose data.

But if you have defined authorization rules, then it is diferent.

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