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Debian Install from tarballs failed


Debian Install from tarballs failed

New Contributor



I try to install Cloudera 5.5 on Debian 7 and I have a issue with scm-server process



Détection de la distribution…
BEGIN grep 'Ubuntu' /etc/lsb-release 
END (1) 
unsupported Debian or Ubuntu release, exiting 
closing logging file descriptor 
I'm on Debian system, and it failed with Ubuntu pattern. 
Try with:
  - Cloudera 5.5 for Wheezy
  - Cloudera 5.5 for Squeeze
  - Cloudera 5.5 for Ubuntu Trusty
  - Cloudera 5.4.8 for Wheezy
All tarball provided from this link:
Could you help me ? 

Re: Debian Install from tarballs failed

New Contributor

On script:


Line 1029, function detect_distro.


1123    elif [[ -f $UBUNTU_FILE ]]; then
1124         OS="Ubuntu"
1125         action "grep 'Ubuntu' $UBUNTU_FILE"
1126         if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
1127             CODE_LINE=$(action_get grep DISTRIB_CODENAME $UBUNTU_FILE)
1128             if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
1129                 CODENAME=$(action_get "echo $CODE_LINE | cut -d = -f 2")
1130             fi
1131         fi
1132         distro_setup_debian $CODENAME
1133     elif [[ -f $DEBIAN_FILE ]]; then
1134         OS="Debian"
1135         # Debian *must* come after ubuntu as ubuntu provides a debian_version
1136         # file too
1137         CODENAME=$(action_get "cat $DEBIAN_FILE")
1138         distro_setup_debian $CODENAME

I think you will change it because /etc/lsb-release exit on debian system. Is not possible to test $DEBIAN_FILE with this script. 


I removed /etc/lsb-release on my debian and install script works better

Détection de la distribution…
BEGIN cat /etc/debian_version 
END (0)

Could you fix it ?

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