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Dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr


Dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr

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Is there any way to have dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr service? I've successfully installed and configured Solr via Cloudera Manager, but I need separate ZooKeeper services for it, cause it's servers are in dedicaed rack far from main ZooKeeper and hdfs.


When I create the second ZooKeeper service, I can use it in Solr configuration. But Solr fails to restart with the following error:

Command failed to start: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Assumption violated: getAllDependencies returned multiple distinct services of the same type

I use hdfs for index rebuild only, Solr doesn't use it. It stores index in local FS.


Please, advice!


Re: Dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr

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We got the same issues when set HBase to another ZK, and we are verifying whether it is caused by namenode HA or not?


In NameNode HA case, The HDFS will depend on ZK, and it looks like that Cloudera manager does't allow HBase depend on another ZK.





Re: Dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr

There's no great way to have distinct ZKs for HBase and HDFS today. You can use advanced configuration snippets to work around this, but it's fragile.

Re: Dedicated ZooKeeper for Solr

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Thanks dlo! Could you please give me some hints about "advanced configuration"?

Is it recommended to use the same ZK ensemble for HBase and HDFS HA?