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Delete record from trasnactional table

Delete record from trasnactional table

New Contributor

Hi guys,

I have a problem with deleting records/data from transactional table via beeline. Namely I am trying to carry on operation like this:

delete from <table> where col = 222222222

Unfortunetely I have error related to metastore and locks.

One of them looks like this:

ERROR : FAILED: Hive Internal Error: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.lockmgr.LockException(Error communicating with the metastore)

In the end i am getting below error

Error: Attempt to unlock lock lockid:586779associated with an open transaction, Unlocking locks associated with transaction not permitted. lockid:586779 intLockId:1 txnid:219001 db:zdo table:cudo_test partition:null state:ACQUIRED type:SHARED_WRITE (state=,code=0)

I have attached full log from those operation because few more errors are visible in there.

My clue is updating metastore with some missing collumns which are crucial in txn operations, but I would like to advise somebody, if it could be proper approach.hive-txn-table-log.txt

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