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Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN

Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


Hello all,


When adding HDFS or YARN using Cloudera Manager 5.4.3, I always get this error:


Completed only 0/7 steps. First failure: Client configuration (id=1) on host XXXXXXXXXX (id=2) exited with 1 and expected 0.


Havent seen anything in the error logs, also I gave 777 permission and hdfs owner to /etc/hadoop which should be the folder where the configuration is stored, but nothing helped.


It could be a problem that I use CM 5.4.3 while using parcel CDH 5.4.4? Like there is some misconfiguration in versions or something.


Thank you for any help or advice!


Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN



Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


I found this problem two months ago.




two points:

1. make a link to /usr/java/default

ln -s YOUR_JAVA_HOME /usr/java/default


2. add sudo nopassword to cloudera-scm user

vim /etc/sudoers


cloudera-scm    ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


Hi Sartner,


Thank you for responding to me!


If I run: 

ln -s /opt/cloudera/java/jdk1.8.0_45 /usr/java/default

I get: 

ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/java/default': No such file or directory


And I am not able to give cloudera-scm sudo for all commands, this is my sudo (I run sudo -l)

User cloudera-scm may run the following commands on this host:
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/yum, (root) /bin/sed, (root) /sbin/chkconfig, (root) /bin/mv, (root) /bin/rm, (root) /usr/bin/id, (root) /bin/chown, (root) /sbin/service, (root) /bin/sed, (root) /usr/bin/install it is described in here:


Not sure if this is a right approach.


Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


maybe you can find some error log in 


when you got error in deploy client configuration (on service hdfs)


I got JAVA_HOME not find error in the log file 

before I make the link that JAVA_HOME to /usr/java/default (have to create parent file first, "mkdir -p /usr/java")


Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


Thank you for finding for me a way where to look for an error! I didnt know about this log and you were right, I have the same error as you had.


| Error: JAVA_HOME is not set and Java could not be found |
| Please download the latest Oracle JDK from the Oracle Java web site |
| > < |
| |
| Cloudera Manager requires Java 1.6 or later. |
| NOTE: This script will find Oracle Java whether you install using |
| the binary or the RPM based installer. |
+ exit 1


So I created the empty java folder:

mkdir -p /tmp/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45


and then created the link:

ln -s /opt/cloudera/java/jdk1.8.0_45 /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45


But this still didnt work :(


For what user did you set the $JAVA_HOME? I run Cloudera Manager as cloudera-scm with sudo access, so some of the processes run as root. Do you think I should somehow set the JAVA_HOME for root too?

I am working in a environment where logging as a root is not easy, so this is why I am asking beforehand.


Thank you very much for your help and support!

Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


Sudo not have the JAVA_HOME env properties. You can try "sudo -u cloudera-scm java -version"

Have to "keep env" on /etc/sudoers,





I'm using root to install and run the whole cluster.


Before this , I tried to use other accounts, but encountered a lot of trouble during the installation.

Finally I gave up doing that.



Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN


Hi there All-


Had this issue today as well. None of the solutions I found were working ( I even did two uninstall/resintalls hoping that would fix it... NO). 


Finally figured it out after Sartners suggestion to look at that set of logs (I didn't even know those ones existed! THANK YOU). 


I had a symbolic link that was broken, I created it and was able to get installed. 


sudo ln -s /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.hdfs /etc/alternatives/hadoop-conf


Hope this helps someone else!



Re: Deploy Client Configuration failed HDFS/YARN

New Contributor

hey guys, i came to the same problem and i solved it, may this help you


i saw some other tips to solve the problem by linkling /usr/java/default to the ${JAVA_HOME}


actually it can solve the problem , but it's not the fundamental solution


link /usr/java/default to the ${JAVA_HOME} is used in ${CM_PATH}/lib64/cmf/service/client/ and ${CM_PATH}/lib64/cmf/service/common/, see here



code shows us you can link other vars to ${JAVA_HOME}, not only /usr/java/default


so i don't think link JAVA_HOME on host is convinent 


you can set JAVA_HOME in cdh manager on host page, set host environment in cdh manager to fix this issue,


here are the stepts: cdh manager -> all hosts -> ${error_host} -> configuration -> JAVA HOEM DIRECTORY



hope this helps



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