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Deploying CDH 5.1.2 using cloudera manager 5.4 using multiple networks.

Deploying CDH 5.1.2 using cloudera manager 5.4 using multiple networks.

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I'm trying to deploy CDH 5.1.2 using automated installation via cloudera manager 5.4. 


I have 2 hosts each having a management network (eth0) and seperate data network (eth4). HDFS will be running on external Isilon storage which is also in data network.


Management network has access to DNS/NTP/Internet proxy however no routing exists between management and data networks. 


Management network is used to access cloudera manager url, as well as accessing the servers through ssh for running mapreduce jobs. 

Data network is used for connecting to external Isilon HDFS on 10G network. 


DNS is configured for forward/reverse hostname resolution to these hosts using data network IP's and management IP shortname is added in local hosts file.


This environment is for POC and the requirement is to deploy all CDH components (except HDFS) on both these servers, one of these servers will also have cloudera manager.


Can you please let me know if this is feasible and if so any pointers where I can find documentation for this? 


I was able to get this working if I have a single network on the hosts.


Any help would be appreciated.