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Difference Between Schema Registries?


Difference Between Schema Registries?

New Contributor

I know Apache NiFi comes prepackaged with AvroSchemaRegistry but wondering if I am painting myself in a corner by specifying the schema definition directly in the input processors? Here are some points I would appreciate an opinion on:

  1. I don't really care about schema evolution and would likely just end up changing the schema definition if/when it changes. I believe this points me more toward just using AvroSchemaRegistry and embedding the schema directly in the input processor.
  2. Is it beneficial to use Hortonworks Schema Registry because it supports more schema types than just Avro? Some vendors may provide a schema in a format other than Avro, in which case I would have to convert it to the Avro definition. But using Hortonworks Schema Registry would allow for processing of the default schema they provide assuming it is in a format supported by the schema registry (i.e. JSON, CSV, etc.)
  3. I'm new to converting files using schema mappings. How do you handle renaming a field? Assuming schema A maps fields for File A and schema B maps fields for File B, I know that a field F must match in both schemas but what about when you want to rename that field to Fn before it is output to File B?

I'm just trying to figure out which schema registry I should use (built-in vs. external) and while I do see some cool features with the external option, I'm still thinking it might be overkill. Some additional use cases would be appreciated.