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Difference between CompactionCompression and compression type in HBase Column Family

Expert Contributor

What is the difference between getCompactionCompressionType and getCompressionType?

In , the description look same for both APIs.

094   * @return Compression type setting.
095   */
096  Compression.Algorithm getCompactionCompressionType();
097  /**
098   * @return Compression type setting.
099   */
100  Compression.Algorithm getCompressionType();

Super Collaborator

Compactor calls getCompactionCompressionType() and uses it during compaction:

this.compactionCompression = ( == null) ?
Compression.Algorithm.NONE :;

While getCompressionType() is used by the flusher - see code in DefaultStoreFlusher#flushSnapshot():

writer = store.createWriterInTmp(cellsCount,
store.getColumnFamilyDescriptor().getCompressionType(), false, true,
snapshot.isTagsPresent(), false);