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Difference between two Hive "Cost Based Optimizer" settings in Ambari?



I'm working with a customer who is running Ambari and HDP We are wondering, what is the difference between these two Hive CBO settings:

Hive / Configs / Settings / Optimization / "Enable Cost Based Optimizer"

Hive / Configs / Advanced / Advanced hive-env / "Cost Based Optimizer"

Any ideas?


Master Collaborator

The first one as the name suggests is to enable/disable cost based optimizer, translates to setting the property hive.cbo.enable=[true|false]. I don't see the other one, can you mouse over to see the corresponding property value or attach a screenshot.


Hi @Deepesh - mouse over doesn't provide any information. This is in Ambari under Advanced hive-env, so it is not a custom value. I see this in both of the customer's clusters, plus in a cleanly installed lab environment matching their versions. I also don't see any evidence of this setting in any of the files. Any thoughts?

Master Collaborator

Can you attach a screenshot?

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