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Director Azure and SSSD

Director Azure and SSSD

New Contributor

Was wondering if anyone ever experienced this.  We recently used Director to expand our cluster and add a couple edge nodes.  We use SSSD to connect to our Active Directory environment.  The edge nodes were created fine.  But all of a sudden we are getting messages in the logs such like 


/usr/bin/id: cannot find name for group ID 1234567


Where 1234567 appears to be a default group for the if the job is running as.  I also see this message when I log into the two edge nodes.  But I do not see that message when I log into the old edge nodes.  Any idea what may be causing this or whether there is an easy fix?


I am starting to guess that what has happened is the new machines created default groups for all of the id's used by Cloudera along with any users logging into the machine.  Any help would be appreciated.

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