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Directory/File visablity issue in Sandbox Azure VM

Directory/File visablity issue in Sandbox Azure VM

New Contributor

@rmolina - I am running the Sandbox 2.4 VM in Azure and I am experiencing what may be a bug.

In Lab 1: Loading Sensor Data into HDFS Step 1.2 Load the sensor data into HDFS, whenever I create the folders as instructed and then load the data, if I browse up one level the folder is no longer visible. If I create the folder again, I can, but if I upload the file again, it fails with the following error "500 /tmp/maria_dev/data/geolocation.csv for client already exists". If you want the stack trace, I have it.


Re: Directory/File visablity issue in Sandbox Azure VM

does the folder (and the underlying csv file) ever seem to be there again when you come back to the Files View again later? yep, it does sound like you stumbled on a bug that I know isn't present in the downloadable VM option. Weird...

Re: Directory/File visablity issue in Sandbox Azure VM

Super Guru

@Douglas McDowell I am unsure if this is a bug or not. However can you try restarting ambari password and logging in via admin to try the same activity?

Here is how to reset password:

ssh into machine

# Reset the Ambari admin password ambari-admin-password-reset # Restart Ambari Server service ambari-server restart # Restart Ambari agent service ambari-agent restart

Then log into ambari using user admin and the password you set. try the same activity again.

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