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Discrepancy of information on Namenode UI page.


Discrepancy of information on Namenode UI page.

New Contributor

There is a discrepancy of information on Namenode UI page.

On the page "summary" section table shows as below.


Configured Capacity:DFS Used:Non DFS Used:DFS Remaining:Block Pool Used:DataNodes usages% (Min/Median/Max/stdDev):Live NodesDead Nodes

494.15 TB
261.47 TB (52.91%)
0 B
230.67 TB (46.68%)
261.47 TB (52.91%)
47.04% / 52.53% / 56.08% / 2.91%
12 (Decommissioned: 0, In Maintenance: 0)
3 (Decommissioned: 2, In Maintenance: 0)



However, at the bottom of the page "DFS Storage Types" section shows different data as below.


Storage Type Configured Capacity Capacity Used Capacity Remaining Block Pool Used Nodes In Service
DISK 6.44 PB 3.4 PB (52.78%) 3.01 PB (46.74%) 3.4 PB 161



Does anybody know why there is a mismatch of data on the same page for the same values.

I checked the same on a different cluster's Namenode UI and there is no discrepancy.


Help needed.


- Avigyan

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.40.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.39.52 PM.png