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DistCp Fail with error Requested replication 10 exceeds maximum 3


I have Ambari Version with 4 Nodes. 1 master and 3 slave.

In HDFS config property I have set

Block replication = 3

dfs.replication.max = 3 (Default value was 50)

If I did not set dfs.replication.max to 3 I was getting some under replicated blocks. With dfs.replication.max = 3, there was no under replicated blocks.

Now the Issue Part.

I have another old hadoop system (hadoop 1.2.1) with 10 nodes. I want to copy the data from the old hadoop system to HDP using 'distcp'. But when I try to copy I keep on getting error as 'Requested replication 10 exceeds maximum 3'.

Why is this error generated when try to use distcp.

Please help solve this issue.


Saurav Ranjit



please check the the value of mapreduce.client.submit.file.replication in mapred-site.xml. probably this is configured as 10. this value can be lowered to 3.