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Distcp from HDP 2.6 to CDP 7 fails

New Contributor

We are trying to copy Data from our HDP 2.6 to CDP 7.1 Cluster. both clusters are not secure as yet. We are using following command to copy the data from source to the target cluster.

hadoop distcp hdfs://SourceNameNodeIP:8020/apps/hive/warehouse/network_stg.db/stg_aint_voice_init hdfs://TargetNameNodeIP:8020//apps/hive/warehouse/tablespace/external/stg_aint_voice_init


Not all ports are open on the target, we have requested customer to allow traffic to ports 8020,1004, 50010, 50070, 1006, 14000. 


The distcp starts and able to create a zero byte file in the target but when the map job starts it fails with the error.


The customer can't allow traffic on all ports.