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Django app integration into hue

New Contributor

Hi all,


I have created an application(using Django) which is completely functional. I want to integrate that app and test it in hue.

But as my Django app contains file, how to make it integrate into hue?

Please help me out!


Thanks and Regards,




How about creating a new Hue app skeleton and adding the custom app inside?

New Contributor

Thanks for the reply sir!


I have created  a hue skeleton app and i also have my django app ready with me. But i dont know the right way to integrate both of them, as my django app contais file and in hue we can not run using runserver. and lot of files in my django app are html files, but how does hue render them?


Is there any possible sollution? Please help me out to figure it out correctlty!


Thanks and regards,


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