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-Dmapreduce.job.node-label-expression= does not work

New Contributor

How can i target the mapreduce and spark jobs to a set of nodes associated with nodeLabels.

The blog says specify -Dmapreduce.job.node-label-expression=<node label> for MapReduce Jobs.

On spark, If an application is running on YARN client mode, it is documented as to use spark-submit --conf spark.yarn.executor.nodeLabelExpression=<node label>

Both of them do not work on latest HWX 2.5. Appreciate any help on this.



Hi @jpj from this we can know that the feature landed in HDP 2.6 version.

Please upgrade your version to HDP 2.6

More instructions on upgrade -

New Contributor

Thanks Sathish, but I am already on version A different patch version?

New Contributor

Apologies for mentioning HDP2.5.

Expert Contributor

@jpj To the best of my knowledge, MAPREDUCE-6304 is only part of HDP- Please check this document to upgrade.