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Do we have java API for HBase access control?

Rising Star

I would like to grant permission to HBase table using java API. is there any java api available for HBase 1.1.2 ?



Yes there is, from reference guide

public static void grantOnTable(final HBaseTestingUtility util, final String user,
    final TableName table, final byte[] family, final byte[] qualifier,
    final Permission.Action... actions) throws Exception {

il.updateACLs(util, new Callable<Void>() {
    public Void call() throws Exception {
      Configuration conf = HBaseConfiguration.create();
      Connection connection = ConnectionFactory.createConnection(conf);
      try (Connection connection = ConnectionFactory.createConnection(conf)) {
        try (Table table = connection.getTable(TableName.valueOf(tablename)) {
          try {
            BlockingRpcChannel service = acl.coprocessorService(HConstants.EMPTY_START_ROW);
            AccessControlService.BlockingInterface protocol =
            ProtobufUtil.grant(protocol, user, table, family, qualifier, actions);
          } finally {
          return null;


Thanks Artem. This is still a little bit low level. You can use as a client-facing API to grant / revoke at a higher level.

Cloudera Employee

An alternate option would be to leverage the Ranger REST API which can be called from a Java app.

You can find information about the Ranger REST API, which allows for the creation of Security Policies for Hive, HDFS and HBase among other HDP components:

There are many tutorials available for invoking REST APIs from Java.

The following example provides some clear directions for working with REST APIs and JSON content in Java: