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Docker - Nifi 1.6.0 memory leak in production

Docker - Nifi 1.6.0 memory leak in production

New Contributor

Hi All,

We're running Docker containers of NiFi 1.6.0 in production and have to come across a memory leak.

Once started, the app runs just fine, however, after a period of 4-5 days, the memory consumption on the host keeps on increasing. When checked in the NiFi cluster UI, the JVM heap size used hardly around 30% but the memory on the OS level goes to 80-90%.

On running the docker starts command, we found that the NiFi docker container is consuming the memory.

After collecting the JMX metrics, we found that the RSS memory keeps growing. What could be the potential cause of this? In the JVM tab of cluster dialog, young GC also seems to be happening in a timely manner with old GC counts shown as 0.

How do we go about identifying in what's causing the RSS memory to grow?