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Does HDP have support for CGROUPS with SUSE Linux?


Hello - can someone please provide details of HDP support for Capactity Scheduler CGROUPS in SUSE Linux? What versions of HDP and SUSE Linux are required, is it completely unsupported, etc.?

I found the following in the HDP 2.3.4 YARN Resource Manager book, but there's no mention of SUSE Linux:

"CGroups is a Linux kernel feature. Currently HDP supports CGroups on RHEL6 and Centos6. HDP does not support the default CGroups on Centos7 or RHEL7. However, Centos7 and RHEL7 are supported if you set up your own CGroups. At this time there is no CGroups equivalent for Windows. CGroups are not enabled by default on HDP. CGroups require that the HDP cluster be Kerberos enabled"



From further research, it looks like Suse has support for CGROUPS, as shown by this link:

I am still wondering is this supported by the HDP platform for Suse? I don't a statement one way or the other in the HWX documentation.

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