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Does Hive LLAP support acid transaction tables

I am running a query which has an acid transaction table and I have also enabled acid transaction properties.When I run this query in the LLAP,The query does not run and it automatically is killing LLAP.

Does LLAP does not support acid transactions ?


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Did you enable following in ambari console

Set Enable Interactive Query to Yes

Set ACID Transactions to On


Yes, it does. Can you share the below information:

1. Your current version

2. Error stack trace

3. Also confirm if Interactive Query and Acid Transactions are set to True from Hive -> Configurations in Ambari

I can actually see the query(ACID tables) running on LLAP, but it too slow compared to Hive query.Hive takes around 30sec and LLAP is taking around 14500secs to finish.

Does LLAP have an higher penalty over hive


What are you trying to compare exactly? Hive insert query performance in LLAP vs HS2 mode? It will be helpful to know if: Queue, user limits, memory settings are all the same? and if its batch insert or single row? how many llap containers are running in cluster vs total configured yarn