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Does LDAP enabled Zeppelin support DC failover?

Does LDAP enabled Zeppelin support DC failover?

New Contributor

Hello! We have a few backup DCs in our Active Directory, in case the primary fails. I seem to be unable to configure Zeppelin to failover to another DC of the first one fails. I have tried the following alternatives in shiro_ini_content:

1. activeDirectoryRealm.url = ldaps://<ldapserver1>:636,ldaps://<ldapserver2>:636,ldaps://<ldapserver3>:636


2. Create several realms, all with the same info except for the value of the activeDirectoryRealm.url setting. 


Alternative 1 gives an error - it clearly does not support a list of servers as it interprets the "," as a continuation of the port number and throws a type violation error. Alternative 2 gives no errors but authentication fails once the primary DC is unavailable.


Does anyone know of a way? 



Magnus Nordlund

XLENT Analytics