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Does anyone know the current location of for HDP 2.5

New Contributor

I am running a docker image of HDP 2.5 on Linux that I downloaded from here:

However, I cannot find the location of, which I thought was present at:

I have been unable to find this script to start the sandbox services in the docker image. Does anyone know its current location?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


@Greg Goleash

Heya! 🙂

Mind where I ask you got the last link from? It it's still floating around, it may not have been touched up during one of the last updates.

New Contributor

Thanks so much for the answer. I was following someone else's instructions for setting up a HDP docker image on an AWS EC2 instance here:

The image loaded fine, and I think I know what the script might contain, but I wanted an "official" version of the start-up script.

Thanks again for the prompt response.