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Does tagsync by default sync changes to tag attributes?

When I assign a tag to a hive_column in Atlas, I also set some attributes for that tag/column intersection. I then use those for policy creation in Ranger. But when I then change the attribute value on a column in Atlas, I don't see that change being reflected in Ranger. Could this be the case? Is it supposed to sync that change?



Yes, they should get sync'ed.

What would be the way of troubleshooting this? I see something in the tagsync.log file about access denied to some key file but not sure if that's related. I also see this which might be a bit more worrying.

ERROR AtlasNotificationMapper [Thread-7] - 142 TRAIT_UPDATE: unknown notification received - not handled

Any ideas?


Having raised to DEBUG on the tagsync logging I also see this:

07 Feb 2018 07:46:41 DEBUG AtlasTagSource [Thread-7] - 172 Notification={ Notification-Type: TRAIT_UPDATE, AtlasEntityWithTraits={ Entity-Id: 55ef8247-6651-4c37-82ed-c428bea50057, Entity-Type: hive_column, Entity-Version: 0, Entity-State: ACTIVE, Entity-Values={ {owner, raj_ops}, {qualifiedName, default.employee.ssn@Sandbox}, {name, ssn}, {position, 0}, {type, string}, {table, (type: hive_table, id: 96bb1405-d122-4449-90d8-6ad08a1aa250)}, }, Entity-Traits={ {traitType=Confidentiality, {{PII, ye}} } } }}
07 Feb 2018 07:46:41 ERROR AtlasNotificationMapper [Thread-7] - 142 TRAIT_UPDATE: unknown notification received - not handled.

The attribute changed in Atlas is Confidentiality.PII, the value is changed to "ye". This comes through to Ranger but it seems Ranger cannot process it.

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