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Doubt about the browser


Hi, folks,

I have a doubt, to access Yarn, ambari, etc. you need Firefox or you can use other browsers.



Re: Doubt about the browser


You can run it in other browsers too

Re: Doubt about the browser


Hello @dewi 


I left something out, I have my environment with kerberos. So we have always used firefox obviously configuring the uri


My question is whether it is possible to do this with chrome or another browser.

Re: Doubt about the browser

Super Mentor


Yes, you can use other browsers as well like Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari/Edge ..etc Based on the browsers listed in Supportmatrix for your HDP/Ambari stack:

In Support matrix just click on your desired HDP/Ambari ..etc product version to see what all browsers are supported with it and then accordingly you can configure the kerberos/spnego settings for it.