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Doubt in Beeline command

Doubt in Beeline command

New Contributor

Hi Experts,


Could you please help me?


I have 2 question from below command,



beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://xxx.yyy.zzz:21050/aaa;principal=impala/xxx.yyy.zzz@ABC.COM"



  1. What is this xxx.yyy.zzz host?, is it were meta data is stored? Or is this can be any hive gateway node in cluster?
  2. What does it mean impala/xxx.yyy.zzz@ABC.COM, is it kind of impala user in xxx.yyy.zzz server?





Re: Doubt in Beeline command


Hi @Rashmi27


Looks like you are runining a kerberorised cluster 


beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://xxx.yyy.zzz:21050/aaa; 

-u - is the user

xxx.yyy.zzz:21050 - host where your hiveserver2 / hivemetastore runs 
- again depends on the deployment

21050 the port client connection

kerberos principal for impala =impala/xxx.yyy.zzz@ABC.COM" -


Refer this link for more detail beeline parameters  , let me know if this suffice .