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Download monitoring configuration

Download monitoring configuration




I would like to download monitoring settings of each service in the Cloudera Hadoop Cluster (5.5.4). Is there a way to do so? Perhaps using API? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Download monitoring configuration

Super Guru

I'm not sure exactly what monitor configuration you need, but something like this would work:




(where "cluster" is the name of my cluster and "hdfs" is the name of my hdfs service)

If you are using the python or Java APIs, you could retrieve all services and then iterate over the config.  There could also be role-level configs that need to be retrieved like this in the REST API:




I hope that gets you started.



Re: Download monitoring configuration


Hi bgooley,


thanks for your reply. The whole idea was to download monitoring configuration for the whole cluster and use it as a template for all the further clusters.


After googling and playing with API for some time I made this link:




So I should have been able to show the configs filtered by the category "monitoring". But it just shows some random stuff... so I guess it's quite impossible :/


Thanks anyway!