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Dual home HDP/HDF cluster DNS configuration and Kerberos

Dual home HDP/HDF cluster DNS configuration and Kerberos


I am investigating the feasibility of dual home HDP/HDF cluster as follows. It is not an actual dual home because only one of the interfaces will be presented to HDP and HDF for the sake of simplicity.

- All the hosts will have 2 NICs with different IP addresses in different subnets. One in "Hadoop Network" another in "Management network".

- "Hadoop network" will be used for HDP and HDF and "Management network" will be used for other services.

- AD will be used for LDAPs as well as Kerberos KDC.

I have some questions regarding this situation.

1- Suppose there are two different hostnames corresponding to different NICs. How can I manage Kerberos? Let's suppose all the hosts have been Kerberized by using management hostname. How can I enable Kerberos for all of the HDP/HDF applications?

2- To make my life much easier all the hosts come with a single hostname across two NICs. Is there any concern regarding Kerberos in this case? Do I need to consider a special case for SSSD configurations for user/group mapping?

3- In the case that all hosts come with a single hostname across two NICs, how can I manage DNS server? Is there any way that I can have one DNS server and manage DNS lookup based on client network? For example, if the lookup comes from the management network DNS provides the response based on Management IP and if it comes from the data network, the response will be provided based on data network IP.

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