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Durable subscriptions for TOPIC with FLume .


Durable subscriptions for TOPIC with FLume .

New Contributor

Hello , 


I setup flume agent to collect data from JMS source on a TOPIC .

SSL is enabled and i have the .jks truststore .

I want to know how to create/activate durable subscriptions for the specific topic .

Any idea how to procceed ? Because on websphere i cannot see the subscription .


The flume config is the following :


# Please paste flume.conf here. Example:

# Sources, channels, and sinks are defined per
# agent name, in this case 'flume-quotes'.
quotes.sources = quotessource
quotes.channels = quoteschan
quotes.sinks = quotessink

# For each source, channel, and sink, set
# standard properties.
quotes.sources.quotessource.type = jms
quotes.sources.quotessource.channels = quoteschan
quotes.sources.quotessource.initialContextFactory =
quotes.sources.quotessource.connectionFactory = jms/dgtl/any/cf
quotes.sources.quotessource.providerURL = iiop:xxxx ,iiop:xxxxx
quotes.sources.quotessource.destinationName = dgtl_any_quotes_topic
quotes.sources.quotessource.destinationType = TOPIC
quotes.sources.quotessource.createDurableSubscription = true
quotes.sources.quotessource.clientId= quotesClient
quotes.sources.quotessource.durableSubscriptionName= quotesDSN

# Channels
quotes.channels.quoteschan.type = memory

# Sink
quotes.sinks.quotessink.type = hdfs = quoteschan
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.path = /flume/quotes
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.filePrefix = quotes-
#quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.fileSuffix = .xml
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.inUsePrefix = quotes_stg-
#quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.rollSize = 268435456
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.rollInterval = 120
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.rollCount = 0
quotes.sinks.quotessink.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
quotes.sinks.quotessink.writeFormat= Text

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