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Dynamic partition

Dynamic partition

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We are using dynamic partition on 250GB table. The issue is query is working on small table but is not working on huge data set like more then 100 GB . We are following the Apache wiki and rewrite the query using " distributed by " but still didnt help . The query is failing in the reducer phase . Any Guidence or idea guys .....






Re: Dynamic partition

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Hi Rohit,

Thanks for posting. I can't say much without knowing the actual errors but it seems like you may need to adjust some properties related to dynamic partitioning.


I would strongly suggest reading


The three properties you probably want to tune are:





They defaults are kept intentionally low to conservatively present JVM heap size errors.


Also, I am assuing you are already setting the mode correctly by doing something like:

set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict;



Re: Dynamic partition

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The query is failing in the reducer phase.


What is the error message in the reducer phase?

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