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EC2 region not supported.


EC2 region not supported.

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Trying to setup CDH cluster on AWS-EC2 region ap-southeast-2  (Sydney) using Cloudera Manager fails with the following message...


Version: Cloudera Enterprise Trial 4.8.2 (#101 built by jenkins on 20140226-1855 git: 8609801079d228f2440a493a3880ab68cad0524b)

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:Invalid region ID "ap-southeast-2".
at line 183
in$Region byId()
 Stack Trace:
  1. line 183
    in$Region byId()
  2. line 48
    in getCMRegion()
  3. line 83
    in wizardSpecs 

It seems CM does not support the ap-southeast-2. Has anyone been able to setup the cluster in ap-southeast-2 using the CM wizard ? 
Where can I submit an issue report so that this is fixed?