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ERROR: Failed to create collection 'SolrCollection'


ERROR: Failed to create collection 'SolrCollection'


I m trying to create collection on hdfs using kerberos but not solr we are trying to create collection on the cloud mode in hdfs (which is on kerberos). so is this way we are able to create collection or do we need to run solr on kerberos mode too.?

Any help would be much appreciate

Thanks in advance.

when i create collection i m facing this issue..

Connecting to ZooKeeper at hostname:2181,hostname:2181,hostname:2181 ... 
Re-using existing configuration directory mySolrConfigs 
Creating new collection 'SolrCollection' using command: 

ERROR: Failed to create collection 'SolrCollection' due to: org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrClient$RemoteSolrException:Error from server at http://hostname:8983/solr: Error CREATEing SolrCore 'SolrCollection_shard2_replica1': Unable to create core [SolrCollection_shard2_replica1] Caused by: SIMPLE authentication is not enabled. Available:[TOKEN, KERBEROS] 

this is my updated solrconfig.xml

<directoryFactory name="DirectoryFactory" class="solr.HdfsDirectoryFactory">
  <str name="solr.hdfs.home">hdfs://hostname:8020/user/solr/test1data</str>
  <bool name="solr.hdfs.blockcache.enabled">true</bool>
  <str name="solr.hdfs.confdir">/etc/hadoop/conf</str>
  <int name="solr.hdfs.blockcache.slab.count">1</int>
  <bool name="">true</bool>
  <int name="solr.hdfs.blockcache.blocksperbank">16384</int>
  <bool name="">true</bool>
  <bool name="solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.enable">true</bool>
  <int name="solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.maxmergesizemb">16</int>
  <int name="solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.maxcachedmb">192</int>
 <bool name="">yes</bool>
<str name="">/etc/security/keytabs/nm.service.keytab</str>
<str name="">krbtgt/EXAMPLE.COM@EXAMPLE.COM</str>

#Using command to create collection

$./bin/solr create -c SolrCollection -d data_driven_schema_configs -n mySolrConfigs -s 2 -rf 2 

#Using command to start solr on hdfs mode

./bin/solr start -c -p 8983 -z hostname:2181,hostname:2181,hostname:2181 -Dsolr.directoryFactory=HdfsDirectoryFactory -Dsolr.lock.type=hdfs -Dsolr.hdfs.home=hdfs://hostname:8020/user/solr/test1data
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