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Email processor for jira integration

Email processor for jira integration

New Contributor

I am new to nifi and I am looking for solution for procession email which i receive from remedy(ticketing) system and create and update the jira (ticketing system) based on email i receive from remedy.

I am able to receive email and forward it as per the example available here using nifi.

My challenge here is, When first email comes from remedy for the task (TAS000xxxx).

1) I need to parse the subject line adn get the task number (TAS000xxxx), I need to store this number and send rest api command to create the jira ticket accordingly and store jira ticket number which will be its response.

2) Second email comes I need to check whether that I already created according jira ticket or not, if created then i will send rest command to jira server to add comment to the ticket previously created.

Thanks a lot.