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Empty file after write via FUSE until read twice.

Empty file after write via FUSE until read twice.


I'm hoping this is the correct group to post this question to. If not, please advise.


I'm testing providing access to HDFS for analysts and we've been using Fuse. I've found it to be easy and quick to configure and was able to quickly get filesystem access to people that are not UNIX/Hadoop command savy.


We ran into one problem that I've not be able to find a work around or very many posts about. 


PROBLEM:  When HDFS is mounted via Fuse and a user scp's a file into their user directory from another UNIX server, the file shows up but it has zero bytes on file length.  The first read command, like head {file}, generates nothing exept that the file then shows proper length and the next file read works just fine. 


I've mounted hdfs per the mount instructions in the manual. I'm running the latest CDH5.3.3 Scp a file to the mounted HDFS filesystem and the file appears but with zero bytes.



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