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Empty "relatedentities" for TEZ_APPLICATION results from Timeline server

Empty "relatedentities" for TEZ_APPLICATION results from Timeline server



I'm exploring the ATS Rest API and am encountering an issue with the results from the TEZ_APPLICATION domain.

On our production cluster (running HDP , the results from a query such as

curl "http://HOSTNAME:8188/ws/v1/timeline/TEZ_APPLICATION" returns a list of applications with the field "relatedentities" listing its child DAGs, but on our development cluster (running HDP the exact same query for the same job returns an empty list for this property.

Is this is bug? Is it known? I haven't seen any jira issue for it.

I don't think this is dependant on what hive query that you run but for the sake of completion I'll just mention my very simple one:

set hive.execution.engine=tez;

insert into table TARGET_DATABASE.dummy
from SOURCE_DATABASE.dummy_input;

Best Regards