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Enable Kerberos

Enable Kerberos

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I'm planning to enable kerberos on my CDH cluster, then add sentry service for the authorization.


When i read documnetation of how to enable kerberos and see it not easy and strightfard steps, also when i navigate a url always i have  prerequistite steps and it's different documentation, my concerns:


I find this one as useful but no clear what should i change and what can be broken after i enable the kerberos, for example if i'm using a crontab or a cleaner job that using hdfs dfs -rm -r, will it be affected? which service will be affected? does the authinitication works also for Cloudera manager login? how this will affects the current hive and impala queries, monitoring queires and if i have a cluster with 100 servers, should i run the script or copy files for 100 servers? is there a simple way to do this, which commands will be changed and which things should we take care about or check before enabling it.