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Enable autoscaling on existing HDP cluster using cloudbreak

New Contributor

We are having a 100 nodes HDP cluster on AWS, however it is preconfigured with cloudbreak. That clearly means I don't have auto-scaling feature enabled on the cluster. How I can enable the auto-scale feature using cloudbreak or some other tools on existing HDP platform



Hi @Sudakshina Sarkar,

If you have created the cluster with Cloudbreak you can enable the Cloudbreak auto scaling feature for the cluster, which is based on Ambari.

If the cluster is not created with Cloudbreak you can't configure Cloudbreak to be able to manage it.

New Contributor


However how about taking the blueprint of the existing hortonworks cluster and use Cloudbreak to manage it.

What I observed from Cloudbreak setup and configurations, we need to provide the blueprint of the cluster along with url for ambari.


@Sudakshina Sarkar You can't manage an existing cluster with Cloudbreak. You can create new clusters based on blueprints and don't have to provide ambari url for cluster creation. Cloudbreak installs Ambari and provides the link to Ambari to you.