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Enabled Kerberos and SSL NiFi, authentication is successful but authorization is failing.

Enabled Kerberos and SSL NiFi, authentication is successful but authorization is failing.

New Contributor

Hi Matt,

@Matt Clarke

I have an ambari cluster with one node named master. I have the services HDFS, NIFI, zookeeper, YARN & mapreduce. All the services are running fine.

I have enabled kerberos with existing KDC and it is enabled successfully, the realm name is MASTER.

I have added a principal for nifi with princ name as nifiadmin@MASTER

Then I am trying to enable SSL with existing certificate(CN=nifiadmin@MASTER, OU=NIFI, O=SELF, L=CN, ST=TN, C=IN) that are generated from java toolkit.

These are the details that I have given while enabling SSL:

Initial admin identity: nifiadmin@MASTER

Checked the Enable SSL option.

Mentioned the path to keystore.jks ad truststore.jks

Given the Keystore type as JKS

Node identities: <property name="Node Identity 1">CN=master, OU=NIFI</property>

Then restarted the Nifi service and it started successfully.

Then clicked on the Nifi quick link and I am able to login with nifiadmin@MASTER as username.

After logging in I have seen the below issue:


An unexpected error has occurred Hostname master not verified: certificate: sha256/OeYYhOAaTuPpgyqQFLuMVlU= DN: CN=nifiadmin@MASTER, OU=NIFI, O=SELF, L=CN, ST=TN, C=IN subjectAltNames: []


And in the nifi-user.log I have seen the below info:


INFO [NiFi Web Server-338] o.a.n.w.s.NiFiAuthenticationFilter Authentication success for nifiadmin@MASTER

INFO [NiFi Web Server-340] o.a.n.w.a.c.AccessDeniedExceptionMapper identity[anonymous], groups[none] does not have permission to access the requested resource. Unknown user with identity 'anonymous'. Returning Unauthorized response.

INFO [NiFi Web Server-338] o.a.n.w.s.NiFiAuthenticationFilter Attempting request for (<JWT token>) GET https://myip:9091/nifi-api/flow/current-user (source ip:My Ip)


I am not sure where this is going wrong.

Could you please help me to sort this issue...

Thanks in advance,


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