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Enabling ACID properties in Hive without Ambari


How to enable ACID properties in Hive without Ambari ?



@Vinit Mahiwal

Are you running an HDP cluster not managed by Ambari? I don't think its simply toggling a property from OFF to ON in the hive-site.xml or any related file because in the background it enables many other properties.

You will really need to do a deep analysis to achieve your goal.


I am running an HDP cluster on sandbox but not able to open Ambari but able to open other application's like zeplin, port 8888


In general i wouldn't recommend to turn on ACID transaction because it has a lot of open issue. We had problems with lock manager, compactors and others.


I want to load data incrementally in Hive. As per Hortonworks recommendation ACID needs to be turn on. Is there any way to load data incrementally without turning it on.

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If you cannot get to ambari or don't have enough RAM, don't try to run ACID. it takes some extra RAM.


search the /etc/hive/conf tables for Transaction manager, concurrency, acid, tx


I am able to resolve the issue by changing virtualbox network settings. Changed network setting from NAT to Bridge
Then opened to Ambari using IPaddressOfSandbox:8080. Then Turned On ACID property.

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@Vinit Mahiwal You can alternatively modify below configs (/etc/hive/conf) on the host where Hiveserver2 is running (and restart HS2)

'hive.txn.manager': 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.lockmgr.DbTxnManager',
'': 'true',

+ . (To disable authorization add below params)

'': 'false',
'': '',
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