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Enabling SSL for Nifi UI

Enabling SSL for Nifi UI

Hi guys,

I know this question has been answered before although none of the procedures/guides I have tried so far have been successful. I will list my attempts below:

Cluster Info - Ubuntu 14:





Method 1 - Using the Nifi Toolkit to generate the required components:

Using the guide:

I have then replaced the output files into the usr/hdf/current/nifi/conf folder

I have not followed the "Cluster Configuration" section as I have only 1 instance of Nifi. Which is already integrated into the Ambari cluster with the correct zookeeper settings already configured.

I have copied the same Authorizer settings as shown.

- In this example it shows Nifi auto-configuring to port 9443 on idea how that is set. Regardless when I attempt port 9091, I get nothing. Nifi is still running as http on port 9090.

Method 2 - Configuring the components manually:

Following this video tutorial:

I ran the following commands:

#: keytool -genkey -alias NifiTest -keyalg RSA -keysize 1024 -dname "CN=NiFi NifiTest, OU=SCC,O=SCC,L=Annapolis,S =Maryland,C=US" -keypass test1234 -keystore  NifiTest.jks -storepass test1234 -validity 360
#: keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore  NifiTest.jks -destkeystore NifiTest.p12 -srcstoretype JKS -deststoretype PKCS12 -srcstorepass test1234 -deststorepass test1234 -srcalias NifiTest -destalias NifiTest -srckeypass test1234 -destkeypass test1234 -noprompt
#: keytool -export -keystore  NifiTest.jks -storepass test1234 -alias NifiTest -file NifiTest.cer
#: keytool -import -trustcacerts -file NifiTest.cer -alias NifiTest -keystore truststore.jks -storepass test1234 -noprompt

and updated the following settings in Ambari - Nifi:

Keystore path: /usr/hdf/current/nifi/conf/NifiTest.jks

Keystore password: test1234

Keystore type: JKS

Truststore path: /usr/hdf/current/nifi/conf/truststore.jks

Truststore password: test1234

Truststore type: JKS

- I added the custom cert into my Firefox browser

Nifi still runs on http port 9090.

If I check "Enable SSL?" under "Advanced nifi-ambari-ssl-config. Nifi does not restart and is left with this error:

2018-04-24 10:51:15,160 - Generating NiFi Keystore and Truststore
2018-04-24 10:51:15,160 - File['/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/common-services/NIFI/1.0.0/package/files/nifi-toolkit-'] {'mode': 0755}
Command failed after 1 tries

It appears to be trying to re-generate what I have already generated.. Not sure how to proceed, any advice would be greatly appreicated.



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