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Enabling kerberos with Redhat IDM

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I am trying to enabling kerberos with a redhat IDM instance. During installation of IDM, kerberos packages already installed. After doing host and realm settings on ambari, it seems ambari can't create a test princible. Ambari logs it like this; "add_principal: Invalid argument while creating..."

When I tried to create a princible manually on IDM server, the message is same. Then I realized I should use "-x ipa-setup-override-restrictions" parameter with /usr/sbin/kadmin.local command.

Are there any way to pass this argument on ambari or are there any workaround?



@Mustafa Kemal MAYUK

Check out my article on securing a cluster with FreeIPA as the identity management system.

Ambari 2.4 Kerberos with FreeIPA

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I am in stuck at test section(even I skip it I am facing same problem during kerberizing)

Ambari pops-up a window which is attched below. I could not pass it even I typed hadoopadmin@REALM_NAME and password.