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End user access to IMPALA Web User Interface - Queries/Sessions/Memz page


What kind of role/access control can a Cloudera Admin make/give, so that an end user, who is doing ad-hoc querying has ability to access the Impala Web User Interface described here


Our cordinator nodes throw a user id and password dialog and my user id has no permission, so trying to figure out what to ask our admins to open up and is it even possible. Their concern was the Cancel button that is shown in this webui against running queries and anyone having the ability to cancel queries being run on the coordinator node.


I have no interest in that, have never done that, and really interested in the below pages of that webUI






Queries page I believe has the graphical explain plan, which is the most important one that I need to see and like over the textual EXPLAIN plan that I can see by running a EXPLAIN command in my query tool.

Memz page is also usefull to see if Cluster memory utilization is high leading to ETIMEDOUT errors when running queries.


So is there a way for an end user to access it and for queries page, if not all running queries, atleast have ability to see queries he/she executed.


Ideal would be CM interface, so that I don't have to go to each coordinator and check if my query is running described here....but not sure if CM is restricted to Administrators


To get a convenient picture of the health of all Impala nodes in a cluster, use the Cloudera Manager interface, which collects the low-level operational information from all Impala nodes, and presents a unified view of the entire cluster. "
From looking at roles available in CM, what would give access to Impala Web UI with cancel button disabled for everyone.