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Error 502 on invokeHTTP with openfaas function

Error 502 on invokeHTTP with openfaas function

New Contributor

Hello guys,


After half a day of research i'm writing to you to get  help regarding the use of the invokehttp processus on nifi.


The architecture is the following : 


ListS3+FetchS3 files on a MINIO bucket -> no problem.

The file is a binary that needs to be decoded. In order to do so, i'm sending it via the invokehttp processus to an openfaas function. The output of this function should be a "big" JSON file which needs to be splitted. 


The problem is that after few seconds (between 15 to 20 seconds) the flow is leaving the invokehttp function to "retry" exit. 

I've open the pod related to the function and there is no problem, indeed , the function is correctly reached, the file is started to be correctly decoded and even if the error 502 is raised on nifi, the function continues to decode the file and sends it on the stdout (size of the JSON file : 120 Mo).

I supposed it is a timeout issue but the processus is configured as follow : 


i'm a bit lost..


Thanks for your feedback