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Error Starting Streaming Analytics Manager

New Contributor

Hi , I am getting below error when Amabari is trying to start Streaming Analytics Manager , Please help

HDF MAPCK = hdf-ambari-mpack-

Ambari =

[main] INFO org.flywaydb.core.internal.dbsupport.DbSupportFactory - Database: jdbc:postgresql:// (PostgreSQL 9.4)
[main] INFO org.flywaydb.core.internal.metadatatable.MetaDataTableImpl - Creating Metadata table: "public"."DATABASE_CHANGE_LOG"
"migrate" option failed : 
Script failed
SQL State  : 42P07
Error Code : 0
Message    : ERROR: relation "DATABASE_CHANGE_LOG" already exists
Line       : 17
Statement  : CREATE TABLE "public"."DATABASE_CHANGE_LOG" (
    "installed_rank" INT NOT NULL,
    "version" VARCHAR(50),
    "description" VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL,
    "type" VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    "script" VARCHAR(1000) NOT NULL,
    "checksum" INTEGER,
    "installed_by" VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    "installed_on" TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
    "execution_time" INTEGER NOT NULL,
    "success" BOOLEAN NOT NULL


hey @aashish soni did you fix this ?


I think only postgresql 9.5 above is supported !!!