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Error Using NiFi ExecuteSQL Process to set query_band on a Teradata connection

New Contributor

Hi, I'm trying to set a query band in Teradata using NiFi.


Here's the statement:



When I run this in the SQL Pre-Query portion of the of the ExecuteSQL processor, I get a error saying the string the string is not terminated. The processor is splitting the string at the semicolon in the set query band statement (which is how the ExecuteSQL processor is supposed to work).


Is there a way to force the processor to ignore the semicolon that exists in the middle of string?


Hi @Wevo 


While we welcome your question, you should consider the liklihood that you might get a more timely and useful response by posting this to the relevant Teradata community



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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New Contributor

Thanks for the note @ask_bill_brooks, but the problem isn't with the Teradata statement that I'm submitting. The issue is with how the ExecuteSQL processor is parsing the statement.


The statement itself works fine when subumitted in the SQL Select query area of the ExecuteSQL processor.


The SQL pre-query is expecting a semicolon delimited list of statements and hence the semicolon in the set query band statement is causing an incomplete statement to be submitted. 

New Contributor

Hello, i went ahead and posted your question in our teradata community website. Please refer to the link below. 

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