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Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar


Also I had meet this problem. Track the log and find there server path not correct. You need modify the code like this:

vi /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/custom_actions/scripts/
# jdk_location = config['commandParams']['jdk_location']
jdk_location = 'http://' + ambari_server_hostname + ':8080/resources/'

Then click the Test Connection button, you will win the Success tip, Good Luck.

Note: Remember that this file were your Hive or Oozie server install machine.

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar

Hi Elkan

I am also facing same issue. I tried your solution but it didnt worked. Can you please help.

Regards Ankit

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar


This is a 404. I got this error message:

"Failed to connect to https://ambari-server:8440/ca due to [Errno 111] Connection refused"

The problem is that the masters and data nodes are in a private network and ambari server is outside of it, with dual NIC interfaces.

The recommended solution is that the server can be brought into the private network so that everything will be straightforward. Another way is to make sure that the hostname that the server resolves to, is what the agents have configured.

This fixed the issue.

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar


regarding "Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar"

I Found an issue with the HDF 3.0.2 mpack

there is an error in:


(there is a missing "/" in building the download path)


just change:

content = DownloadSource(format("{jdk_location}{check_db_connection_jar_name}"))) (line 118)


content = DownloadSource(format("{jdk_location}/{check_db_connection_jar_name}")))

hope that helps the next guy :)

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar



same goes for SAM installation...

the file to fix for SAM on mpack 3.0.2 is:


(same string with same issue)

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar

@Daniel Pevni, the error you have encountered is not the same as the issue above. You are experiencing an incompatibly between HDF 3.0.2 and the version of Ambari you are running (2.7.0, I assume) due to the following JIRA - AMBARI-23653. Since I am not familiar with HDF versions, you may need to reach out to some one to get the appropriate version. Maybe @Yolanda M. Davis can help?

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar


@avatar imageRobert Levas

Thanks, you are right (its a different issue) but it have the same indication J (thats why i posted here)

It is probebly the because of the version compatibility... but its an easy fix (much simpler then doing a full roling update)...

(i did not actually asked for help, just suggested a solution if any one will need it...)

Re: Error downloading DBConnectionVerification.jar

New Contributor

I was getting the same error while testing connections to the MySQL DB . Here are the steps to resolve it -

Please check the Ambari-agent logs . It's a bug if you find this line in the agent's(ambari server) log

ERROR 2018-09-19 08:48:46,336 - EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:579) ERROR 2018-09-19 08:48:46,336 - SSLError: Failed to connect. Please check openssl library versions.

We added below entry in ambari-agent.ini : [security] force_https_protocol=PROTOCOL_TLSv1_2

After this we restarted ambari-agent and then we were able to do connection for Oozie.