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Error in getting credentials for local/remote HDFS service.

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I am trying to start a replication schedule from a python script using requests package and CM's rest API. I have no problem doing GET or PUT and recieve correct responses for various resources but I have issues doing a POST for /clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/replications/{scheduleId}/run


It works well until I get to "Transfer Listing File from Peer Cluster" stage which fails job with error message "Error in getting credentials for local/remote HDFS service."


I have no problem starting the replication schedule using CURL or Cloudera Manger GUI.


Any help is appreciated,



Master Guru
The Python and cURL should both be hitting the same end-points. Is the schedule ID tested ditto in all your 3 tests?

Its also possible that the failure may be unrelated to the mode of invocation. Could you share more logs of the failed step here?

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Have you solved it ?

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