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Error on HDFS Command Line


Error on HDFS Command Line

New Contributor

I installed CDH 5.7.1 on CentOs release 6.8 using the root user. I see all the services are up and running on the cloudera manager screen.

I get an error when I execute any HDFS commands on the command prompt. This is my first CDH installation and I will appreciate your help to address this issue.


I have listed a sample command and the output below:


[hdfs@app01 downloads]$ hdfs dfs -put words.txt

put: `.': No such file or directory


Re: Error on HDFS Command Line

Master Collaborator
I believe the problem is that you need 2 arguments: the source and the
destination. I suspect you're missing the latter: I'd specify a directory
you want to copy words.txt into.
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