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Error: "Oozie Share Lib not installed in default location."

New Contributor



I installed CDH 5.12.1 according to the online documentation.


Now, when I check the configuration in hue there is the following error:


"Oozie Share Lib not installed in default location."


But i installed the share lib and it is on the correct (default) location with the right structure and when i run:

"oozie admin -oozie http://localhost:11000/oozie -status"

i get:
"System mode: NORMAL"


Do I miss a configuration or something like that?


Thanks in advance


Master Guru
What's the path of your ShareLib installation?

If you've installed your CDH with Cloudera Manager, remember that all you need to do is Oozie -> Actions -> Install ShareLib, which will install it in the expected location for you.

New Contributor

Thanks for your answer.


My Problem came from a mistake in the oozie-site.xml which i made by myself. I have corrected it and now it works fine.

But thank you anyways

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